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Wedding Hair & Make-up

Whether it is for that special occasion, birthday bash, office party or your Wedding, how would you like to have your hair and make-up done for you? Perhaps you would like to indulge in a little beauty therapy before-hand, I now offer a wide range of treatments from Regular or Gel Manicures and Pedicures with nail art to Semi Permanent Lashes!


Weddings take a lot of planning, there is so much to think about from venues to vows. It is a good idea to plan your hair and beauty regime early on too, here is what I can help you with:

Hair – is your hair long, would you like to grow it, do you have any styles in mind, is it in good condition, will you be needing colour or to go back to nearer your natural? Most styles you will find in magazines and on the internet show Brides with long hair, even short hair can be dressed to support tiaras and hair accessories.

Nails – do your nails need some TLC, will you be having your natural nails or extensions? Perhaps you can grow your own with a little help and have a French manicure, I have the perfect colours so you can choose how they look (Amalfi, Capri, Santorini or Voila) and rhinestones for that little extra bit of class.

Skin – is your skin the best it can be, do you look after it or could it do with some attention? Facials and a good homecare routine can make all the difference to the look of your make-up on the day.

Wedding Hair & Make-up Make-up – do you wear make-up? Is it something that you would prefer to have done? Maybe you are not the type of person to wear make-up on a daily basis but it can make a huge difference to the way you look in your chosen wedding dress, the white or ivory can drain your colour and a little make-up to enhance your features will bring out your total look.

Body & Mind – are you stressed out planning and organising the wedding, are you trying to lose weight or just improve your body tone, do you need a little time to relax and re-focus? A pamper evening with friends could be just what you need, either a pre-wedding get-together or a Bridal shower, I can offer Skin, Spa or Soul Therapy Classes where everyone experiences a Spa and how easy it is to get fantastic skin.

5 Steps To Your Perfect Wedding!

1. Consultation – Approximately 1 hour to discuss your requirements, confirm all your details and book in all the dates you need.

2. Pre-Wedding Soul Therapy – Discover the fragrances that soothe or strengthen your wellbeing. You and 4 to 8 guests enjoy a soul food facial and eye therapy, plus how to create the perfect environment for you and your home with essential oil aromas. You also receive a free gift for hosting the evening or afternoon. If you would prefer Pre-Wedding Skin Therapy to suit individual skin types, especially if you or your Wedding party have problem skin, it may be better to prioritise on personalised skin care. I offer special Temple Spa Classes for Brides, they are like a lovely relaxing Bridal Shower, which you may need after your Hen Night!

3. Hair & Make-Up Trial – Ideally a couple of weeks before your Wedding to give you an idea of how you will look on the day.

4. Pre-Wedding Treatments – Whether you would like lash and brow tinting, brow shaping, waxing, manicure, pedicure, semi-permanent lashes, semi-permanent mascara or facials, make sure you book in advance for the run up to your Wedding Day. If you don't have a regular hairdresser I can also book you in for hair cutting and colouring.

5. Your Wedding Day! Hair & Make-Up – You can also have additional temporary lashes applied for wearing one day only!

Bridal Beauty Packages 2014
1. Ultimate – for those who want it all! TBC
New Packages are being updated due to offering NEW treatments!
2. Indulgence – everything you need! TBC
New Packages are being updated due to offering NEW treatments!
3. Perfection – just what you need for that Je ne sais quoi! TBC
New Packages are being updated due to offering NEW treatments!
4. Simplicity – Hair & Make-up Only £140.00
1 hour consultation, Pre-Wedding Skin Therapy with FREE facial for you and your guests, Hair & Make-up Trial, Hair & Make-up on the day.
Bride on the day only – Hair-up from dry £50.00
Bride on the day only – Make-up £40.00
Additions On The Day
please note, these prices only apply when the Bride is also having hair & make up done, otherwise full prices apply.
Adult Bridesmaid – Hair-up from dry £35.00
Child Bridesmaid – Hair-up from dry £25.00
Mother-of-the-Bride – Blow-dry & finish £15.00
Make-up (does not include skin prep) £25.00
Eye-shadow, Blush, Lip Gloss (children only) £5.00
Prom Packages 2014
Teens only with 10% savings
1. Natural – keeping it simple £60.00
Simple Up-do & Make-up on the afternoon of your prom, send a photo and I will let you know what will work with your hair.
2. Glamorous – a little something special £85.00
Choose your Up-do, Just Gel Manicure with rhinestones & Make-up on the day with Temporary False Lashes, send a photo of your hair and pictures of the style you have in mind.
3. Young Diva – that extra £110.00
Choose your Up-do, Just Gel Manicure & Pedicure with rhinestones, Make-up on the day with full eye impact Temporary Lashes.
Party Time!
Party Hair (from dry) from £40.00
Make-up including skin prep £30.00
Temporary Individual Lashes (addition to make-up) from £10.00 to £20.00
Just Gel Manicure or Pedicure £20.00
Just Gel Rockstar Nails £25.00 to £30.00

Wedding Packages for 2014!

Healthier eating habits and drinking plenty of water will help your body deal with any stress as well as improving the condition of your hair, skin and nails from the inside. I can offer a full Wedding Hair & Beauty Service tailor made to your specific needs and special packages are also available. If you don't have time for such indulgence then the Skin, Spa or Soul Therapy Class is a way of bringing the spa to your home and they are FREE! In a couple of hours I can teach you and your friends how do a spa facial and give you some spa tips and the worksheets (Spa Therapy only) even include a healthy eating plan for you too keep! Read more about these classes at Spa Wherever You Are and Your Temple Spa FREE Products

Once you have chosen your dress and colour scheme, deciding on a hairstyle is much easier. Whether you would like your hair down, up or half up there are many styles, start collecting pictures in magazines of the type of styles you like so that when you have your trial I have an idea of what you like, it may be that you like the front of one and back of another. I will also be able to tell you whether your hair will go into the styles.

Make-up is more of a personal preference but necessary to bring out your best features and balance your total look. Even if you don't wear make-up it can make a huge difference to your final look, your make-up can look very natural but enhance your features and you will look fantastic on your photographs, which you will look back on for many years. Make-up is important as wearing a all white or ivory can either totally drain your colour or fade your features giving a bland appearance and you want to look the very best you can.

For you, as the Bride, it is important that you have a trial for both hair and make-up before the Wedding day so that you know exactly how you will look and we can go through a full consultation of your ideas and concerns, it is also a way for me to get to know your hair if I have never done it before. Some Brides prefer to have their trial early on, especially if they are not sure exactly what they want, others 2 or 3 weeks before, it is entirely up to you. If your Bridesmaids also want trials for their hair or make-up I am happy to do so but if they provide photos of themselves as well as styles that they like I am well prepared on the day. I have done a few Brides without a trial, I prefer not to because it puts us both at ease when we have already met, sometimes it isn't possible due to location and in this instance I would talk to you on the phone and keep in contact on a regular basis.

All prices include travel within a 6 mile radius of Batley, an additional charge for the extra mileage will be calculated to your postcode above the usual. More elaborate hairstyles may also be more expensive on the day of the wedding, the trial price remains the same regardless of style. All prices given are a guide only, confirmed prices will be given during the consultation providing all information is available for everyone's requirements.

Your School Prom

Your Glamorous package is shown on the right, natural looking make-up with enhanced lashes to the outer edge of the eyes, hair style chosen by her but done to suit her hair type and length, doesn't she look fabulous!

I will be recruiting some young models to show you more prom styles that you can choose from so add this page to your favourites so that you can find it again easily! This will most likely be in April, just in time for Prom season in schools.

If you would prefer to have a trial before your prom I am happy to do so for an extra cost. I prefer not to work with clip-in hair extensions as they tend to have synthetic hairs in them which melt onto my equipment, more permanent types such as the bonded or micro-loop have never been a problem.

Special Occasions

Girls Night 2013 How about that special event?
Birthday or Christmas Party, Business Dinner, Formal Evening, Charity Ball or a Hen Pary. The gorgeous ladies on the left were going to a birthday party, they did their own make-up and I curled and styled their hair, both were very happy and sent me this photo for my website, in fact the lady on the right screamed with delight when she went to look in the mirror as she couldn't believe it was all her own hair, I believe they had a fantastic night out!

There have been times that I wasn't able to be there for a special occasion and I have given a make-up lesson so that they were able to re-create the looks they wanted. The girls brought their make-up too so that they could integrate it into what else they needed that I supplied. Simple but effective techniques for corrective make-up and diagrams to help show and remember where and how to apply. If this is something you would like, I am happy to provide an evening session for up to 4 people.

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