Temple Spa With Me

Why I Chose Temple Spa

Temple Spa is a lifestyle brand inspired by the ancient word TEMPLE, which describes the body as a sacred place and a precious house, and SPA which is a space for health and relaxation and conjures up a sense of absolute comfort and joy. Their Soul Therapy addresses your lifestyle needs... being calmed when restless, revived when tired, confident when overworked, and nurtured when feeling flat. Temple Spa is available at Harrods, Selfridges, a few exclusive spas and, of course, through me! I have my own personal web site so Temple Spa is available 24/7 online without you even having to step out of your home, you could also book your own day time or evening event for you and your friends (see Spa Wherever You Are), have treatments or, if you prefer, a one-to-one for the Temple Spa experience, with natural ingredients of ancient wisdom combined with cutting edge scientific technology.

After working in spas and beauty salons, I have had the opportunity to work with some really good product ranges which include Clarins, Guinot, Elemis, Phytomer and a few others, I have also tried many products available in department stores and beauty supplies. Since beginning mobile hair & beauty again, I had been searching for a product line to use for the beauty side of my business, nothing particularly caught my eye and I couldn't afford to take on a huge stock of products, nor did I have the space to store them. I came across the name Temple Spa purely by chance when I was initially looking to invest in a salon 6 months earlier, they were an accredited spa in Ilkley and I was given their treatment and product brochures but I had just filed them away when this was no longer an option.

Taste Of Temple Spa After months of searching for the right products I had almost given up, but one day while I was sorting through some papers I found the Temple Spa brochure, flicking through and reading their philosophy really impressed me, as it was mine too, and exactly what I wanted to offer my clients - natural products, all about wellbeing, making you feel special with that little bit of luxury! The prices were reasonable, on par with other good products I have used and all I needed now was to try them out. I looked them up on the internet for more information and a headline caught my eye, ‘LOVE US, JOIN US’ so I typed in my details. That afternoon I received a phone call, I was quite shocked and didn’t really know what to say but Janine suggested that the best way forward was to have a Skin Therapy Class so I could see what it was all about, also for hosting I would receive the hostess gift enabling me to try them before I committed.

The whole concept of going to people’s homes doing classes and teaching people how to look after their skin is something that I had considered before but the only companies I knew of were Body Shop and Virgin Vie - neither of their products have really inspired me. I booked a class on the 17th December 2009, there were 6 of us all together and the evening went really well, my mum treated me to the Radiance Collection as my Christmas present since they were all the products I didn’t really have and I was eager to try them. I got my TASTE OF TEMPLE SPA all wrapped up in tissue paper and with chocolates too, it was really exciting!

I couldn't believe the difference in my skin in such a short space of time, never had I seen such amazing results from skin care. My skin was smoother, softer and nourished, I actually looked more my age again instead of older! There’s nothing like stress for ageing the skin and I’d had my share of that in the 3 years previously (see my story on The Complete You web site) and, of course, there’s nothing like relaxation for smoothing it. I now bring Temple Spa to you and if you haven’t had a taste of these luxury skin care and body products you really don’t know what you are missing!

Spa Wherever You Are and Your Temple Spa FREE Gifts

The Luxurious Skin Truffle If you can't make it to a spa, what better way to de-stress than to have the spa brought to you for your home, work and travel, spa wherever you are! The ultimate Spa experience is with your friends, family and colleagues, host a Skin or Spa Therapy Class in the comfort and privacy of your own home or workplace. You can all put your feet up and relax while I give you spa tips and advice, everyone has a gorgeous spa facial and the opportunity to receive free gifts, special offers only available at classes and everything is delivered direct to your guests!

As a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant I can offer you a fantastic range of Pamper Days, Girls Nights In, and Pre-Wedding Get-Togethers all completely free and as a Hostess you will receive a free gift. You could qualify for A Taste Of Temple Spa (everyone’s favourite with a little bit of everything you need in travel size, from your daily skin care and special attention, to a little bath and body therapy), or even the luxurious Skin Truffle (one of my personal favourites that I just can't live without). Every month there is an additional hostess gift to suit the season so there is always something new to help build up your collection of Temple Spa!

Bring the Spa into your own home! Bring our Mediterranean Spa into your World!
Temple Spa’s passion is anti-ageing skincare, aromatherapy and spa treatments that replenish, revive and love to treat people very well.
Why not host a Skincare or Spa Therapy Class in the privacy of your own home? One of our friendly Lifestyle Consultants would love to come and assess your skin’s needs and prescribe beautiful spa treatments and skincare for you or a group of your friends. To host a no obligation class, and receive a free spa gift, contact:
Louise on 07909 112232
Temple Spa louise@thecompleteyou.co.uk

A Skin Therapy Class is the best one to start with, keeping it simple, teaching you how to identify your skin type and how to give yourself a home spa facial (everyone does their own facial with their prescribed products designed for their skin). The facial we create is the same as My Kinda Skin that is given in our specialist spas. If you already have a good skin care routine and look after your skin, I can give you additional tips for maximum results!

Your Spa Therapy Class introduces you to some of our body products including relaxing techniques, a detoxifying program and a 2 week health kick dietary plan. I will also give you some tips on turning your bathroom into a spa, setting the scene and improving your skin, all finished off with another spa facial for rejuvenation (suitable for sensitive skin types too) and with a varying range of collections to suit everyone.

Soul Therapy Classes are designed for hostesses who have had a few classes already and would like something a little different. New out this year, with a few simple questions, we can work out what your soul needs rather than just what you like. I can give you the tools to improve your life with a little something for every day, calming and relaxing, nurturing and comfort, faith and confidence or energy and strength, we have it all. We start with a Soul Food Facial, find your Soul Mate, and waken all your senses, total relaxation that also includes an eye treatment!

You will receive a complimentary gift in your hostess pack to secure your booking, I will also give you a gift on the evening of the class to say thank you for inviting me into your home and, if your guests book a class at yours, I will also add an extra gift to your order! Isn’t that a great reason to host a class? A lovely evening with very little fuss, you only need to provide a few light refreshments and invite 6 to 8 of your friends, family and colleagues using the invitations that I provide for you, then you just sit back, relax and enjoy as I do all the rest and bring everything with me that I need. There's no need to prepare food as everyone will probably already have eaten and, for hygiene reasons, food should be kept out of the way, the class is all about SPA. Let your guests know that the evening includes a spa facial for everyone with a chance to treat themselves to some special offers at the end (no obligation). They also have the opportuninty of receiving free gifts if they book a class during yours so remind them to bring their diaries with them! If you would like a sneak preview of what happens during a class you can watch the video on YouTube Hosting A Temple Spa Class.

Reasons To Host A Class

There could be many reasons that you would book a Temple Spa Class, for many people it is the amazing hostess gifts, particularly A Taste Of Temple Spa as you can’t buy it, it is ONLY available as a hostess gift and is worth �65! Skin Truffle all dressed up in a silk box is also only available as a hostess gift, it usually comes in an acrylic carton, this is worth �100 and Harrods really want these hostess gifts for retail but they are exclusive to a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant. That’s 2 reasons already!

Every guest will receiving a luxury spa facial worth over �80 in our spa retreats, where else could you get that completely free? Every type of Temple Spa Class includes a facial reletive to Skin, Spa or Soul Therapy. All products are inspired by the diet, culture and lifestyle of the Mediterranean, rich in natural botanicals and essential oils and they have anti-ageing ingredients in 100% of skin care. If you love natural products, then these are definitely for you!

Spending an evening with you friends, family and collegues, what could be more fun than some spa-pampering, it is the best girls night in. It could even be a chance for you to meet new people too, perhaps you have been invited to a Temple Spa Class but are not sure whether or not you would like to go. No need to dress up or get made up, you would only be taking it all off anyway!

Put your feet up, sit back and relax while I do everything, you really don't have to make a fuss. It’s the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience with special offers only available at Temple Spa classes. All products purchased are delivered directly to your guest's home or workplace so there is no distribution required by you. That is quite a lot of reasons and I haven’t even mentioned that you notice a difference with your skin with only ONE facial, imagine how your skin could feel every day!

Be Your Own Boss - Independent Consultant Opportunities

You don't need to be a beauty therapist or beauty specialist to be a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant, all you need is to love the products, enjoy meeting people, with a warm personality and have energy and enthusiasm. Would you like flexible working hours to suit you? Would you like to earn great money? Do you love meeting new people? Do you adore skin, body and spa products? Would you like to be part of an organisation that believes in improving the self-esteem, well-being and lives of it's partners, customers and people? Let me know if this sounds like you and I can recommend you to Temple Spa! I love my job and bringing a little luxury into people's lives to help make them feel better.

My Temple Spa

I am often asked if I actually use any of the products, I know there are people out there who promote products but don't actually use them at all, I don't understand that. I have everything I need lined up in order in my bathroom so that I can use them easily, if it’s in a cupboard, it won't get used, if its in a box, I won't take it out. It has to be right there in front of me for me to actually use something, partly to remind me and partly because I’m one of those people who, if it doesn’t jump out at me, I’m not interested. I love my Temple Spa, never before have I taken on skin care and body products and actually used EVERYTHING myself! I can honestly say I’ve tried them all, found my favourites and get what I feel is the most important to make me feel good. Have a look through the virtual brochure at the top on the right.

I would love to be able to book into a spa for a relaxing and healthy weekend but it just is not possible for me, not for time or money! After looking online at all the offers, I realised that most only include one 30 minute treatment plus using the spa facilities and I would come away feeling a little cheated. You really need something for the body and the face for that top-to-toe relaxed feeling! This is why Temple Spa came up with Spa-To-Go everything used in their spas can be yours to create your very own Spa Wherever You Are, from setting the scene with aromatic, soy based candles and a mist for you and your space, to everything your skin, body and soul needs. The ranges include Vespers for peace and relaxation, Matins for energy and strength, Fiducae for faith and confidence, and Cherir for nurture and comfort. Would you like to learn how to turn your space into a spa? I can teach you Skin Therapy, the basics and a few simple tips to improving and maintaining your skin, Spa Therapy, including relaxation, healthy eating plan and detox, and Soul Therapy, for the inner you, once you have mastered your Skin and Spa Therapy, just indulge in what you need for the soul. All three classes include a spa facial for you and your guests, to book call me on 07909 112232 or send me an e-mail to louise@thecompleteyou.co.uk.

My Skin Therapy

Cleanse, Tone, Eye-care and MoisturiseMy daily morning care includes the following:
EYES WIDE OPEN – I'm not a morning person so this is the first thing for my morning, even set my alarm 5 minutes early so I can use this on damp cotton pads to take that tired sting out of my eyes while I lay in bed a little longer.
DUAL ACT – a quick cleanse to remove toxins from the skins surfaced, eliminated through the night while the body repairs during sleep, and removed with a washcloth or sponge.
TONING ESSENCE – 4 pumps on a damp cotton pad and another quick wipe round.
WINDOWS OF THE SOUL – patted gently around both eyes with the ring fingers (lightest touch) up on the brow bone and down underneath taking care not to go too close to the eye, don't want to block tear ducts.
EXALT – smooth a little of my neck gel up and out on my neck and flick with the back of the fingers to tighten and tone the jaw line.
SKIN TRUFFLE – my favourite of the moisturisers as it works as a treatment too.

Windows Of The Soul It actually takes longer to read than it does to do, no longer than brushing your teeth! My evening routine takes a little longer if I'm wearing make-up:
GO EASY – eye make-up remover is great for taking off all your make-up and it means you don't have to double cleanse.
DUAL ACT – massage cleanser to remove any remaining make-up and build up from the days pollution and removed with a washcloth or sponge.
TONING ESSENCE – wipe round face and neck as for morning.
BE STRONG – my Winter rescue, I don't always use this super juice serum for the skin, only when I feel it needs it.
WINDOWS OF THE SOUL – patted gently around both eyes with the ring fingers.
REPOSEmy resting night cream for when I need a really good sleep, if I'm not using this I just use my SKIN TRUFFLE again.

You don't have to use different products morning and night, this is what I have found best for me and my skin so that I can get everything in that it needs, always start off simple with the bare minimum, cleanse, tone, eye-care and moisturise until you get into a routine. Have them lined up in the order you would use them, cotton pads and sponge or washcloth ready to go and you are all sorted!

Once a week I use BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE after cleansing, a great one minute mask that exfoliates and doesn't need leaving on the skin for 15-20 minutes, on damp skin massage gently avoiding the eye area, then remove with a washcloth and tone and moisturise as usual! Quick and simple.

My Spa Therapy

Skin TruffleI include in my weekly care some body and spa therapy:
BRUSH OFF – dry skin brushing is something that should really be done every day before a shower, especially if you need to improve cellulite! Working from the feet up the entire body, towards the heart in quick but gentle strokes.
SUGAR BUFF – I love the smell as I exfoliate my skin with the essentiel oils, works well on dampened skin and it goes further too! Rinse off in the shower.
LA LA LAGOON – either shower or bath with this one, la la in the shower or bathe in the lagoon! Then dry off.
GO FIGURE, DUVET & NO PAIN NO GAIN – I mix the anti-cellulite gel and firming cream together in my hands, apply to my hips and thighs and then vigorously massage with a deep tissue massager with wooden nodules.
BOSOM PAL – my bra in a jar.
BODY TRUFFLE – and the rest of my body is indulged with rose quartz, cashmere and truffles!

My Soul Therapy

For when I really want to indulge and I have a little more time, or when the husband has taken the kids out and I get a couple of hours to myself, this is how I indulge:
I light the CHERISH candle in the bedroom and mist the room with LOVE IS IN THE AIR, in the bathroom SIESTA FOREVER candle is burning and I mist the air with Quietude. I wash my hair over the bath and leave in a conditioning treatment, put a plastic cap over and then run a bath with DRIFT AWAY. While the bath is running...
IN THE BEGINNING – a deep nourishing cleanser for dry skin or skin that needs some TLC.
BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE – dampen skin massage and massage for one minute gently, remove with a washcloth or sponge.
Purification Mask PURIFICATION – on nose, chin and any areas with blocked pores or spots (yes I do get them sometimes).
BE CALM – on forehead, cheeks and neck.
Then into the bath to relax into the DRIFT AWAY for peace and relaxation, the heat helps the mask work deep and I get to relax for 15 minutes and do nothing.
Remove the masks with a warm washcloth.
TONING ESSENCE – wipe round face and neck thoroughly to make sure there are no traces of mask.
BE STRONG – to give my skin the best care.
WINDOWS OF THE SOUL – patted gently around both eyes with the ring fingers.
REPOSE – to continue the relaxation process and help me have a good nights sleep.

So that is My Skin, Spa & Soul Therapy, what will yours be? Let me show you and your friends how easy it can be to give yourself some TLC, if you have never given any time for YOU, the best class to start with is your Skin Therapy Class, my usual evenings are Thursday, Friday and Saturday but may be able to accommodate your time schedule if these are not convenient for you.

I am really looking forward to Temple Spa with you!

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