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Skin Care & Facials

Professional Skin Care Do you feel like your skin could do with a really deep cleanse? Pore deep cleaning, revitalising, nourishing and rejuvenating? Not sure which facial you need? The first 3 facials are to suit specific skin types, you will be involved in the analysis , completing a checklist so that you know exactly what type you have and what your needs are. Following this consultation a skin care program can be worked out for you and then you can just relax while I pamper your skin. ALL Temple Spa products are 100% anti-ageing so you don't need to worry about that if what you need is a deep cleanse. The ranges include Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily and, of course, Sensitive and each product has it's own unique combination of ingredients to tackle the problems of each skin type with amazing textures and aromas that will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed as well as having gorgeous skin!

Simple Facial – Your most basic facial can make a huge difference to your skin, especially with Temple Spa products! It takes 20 minutes and includes a Deep Cleanse, Mask, Tone, and Moisturiser, it is based on the Skin Therapy Class and includes the products available in their special collections only available through your Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant (like myself), we call it the Super Starter and is a great way to begin looking after your skin with your twice daily care and weekly mask. During your facial I also include an eye treatment while the mask is on and eye cream before moisturising the rest of the face. The Simple Facial for drier skin types uses a special hand blended product and a specialised moisturising cream for that extra nourishment which is reflected in the price.

Spa Radiance Facial – It's All About Me is the third collection at a Skin Therapy Class, this facial uses the special attention products for the eyes, neck and a resting night cream (if you are busy during the day I would use your moisturiser suit your skin type). Includes a Deep Cleanse, Exfoliating Massage, Mask (with Eye Treatment), Tone, Eye Care, Serum, Neck Care and finished off with Repose, this takes 40 minutes.

Full Prescription Facial – This is an intense 80 minute facial bringing more than one of the skin care ranges together to give your skin exactly what it needs, combining Cleanse, Exfoliation, Deep Cleansing Mask, Extraction of blackheads, 2nd Cleanse, Massage, Restorative Mask, Tone, Eye Care, Serum, Neck Care and Moisturise. I myself mix and match my products depending on what my skin needs at the time, each Temple Spa Class has it's own facial suited to the spa treatment it replicates, suitable for all skin types.

The next 2 facials are pure indulgence, a skin analysis is not needed as they will suit anyone, perfect for that spa experience, total relaxation and rejuvenation. We will establish your needs as we would at a class before we begin and I can give you any tips or advice that you require.

Aromatherapy Facial – Everything you need for that spa experience, like the facial at the Soul Therapy Class. Nourishing Cleansing Melt, Mask & Eye Treatment, Relaxing Massage, Tone, Serum, Eye Cream, Neck Gel and Special Attention Moisturise, 40 minutes of total bliss!

Ultimate Rejuvenation Facial – This 60 minute facial is based on the Temple Spa Masterclass, using all the high performance products to give you the best possible results. Deep Cleansing Melt, Exfoliation, Luxury Tone, Pressure Point Massage, Firming Mask & Eye Treatment, Tone, Specialised Serums, Special Eye Care & Massage, Neck Care and an Award Winning Miracle Cream (as categorised in The Beauty Bible).

Treat your skin to some Temple Spa at home Skin Care At Home – Want fantastic skin all the time instead of just as a treat once in a blue moon? A simple facial routine takes 2 minutes morning and night (as quick as brushing your teeth), always remove your make-up on an evening so that your skin can repair itself through the night while you sleep. During the night our body is recovering from the previous day, re-charging it’s batteries and working harder on cellular renewal and eliminating toxins. The morning cleanse removes any impurities that the skin has eliminated through sweat and any oil that it doesn't need. Get the fresh faced lift that you need to help you come round in the morning! Here is a Skin Care PDF for you to download and print off so that you can add your products and follow a routine, make it as simple or as pampering as you need.

Nail Care, Manicures & Pedicures

Treat your hands to a little attention too, they are often neglected or taken for granted, skin and cuticles can become dry and stick to the nail plate, if your nails grow quickly hang nails can occur too. Bitten nails, chewed skin, always in water or just ignored. Would you like them to grow or just be in better condition? Regular manicures can make such a difference and I can give you tips on how to maintain them yourself and help them to grow healthier, stronger and longer! You may have considered having nail extensions for that instant impact, which is great for a special occasion, such as a wedding, but you can cause long term damage from wearing false nails constantly.

Nail Art Following A Spa Manicure On the right you can see the finished manicure, this lady had a Spa Manicure followed by nail painting and full nail art. She said, "wow... I just loved having these nails and best of all they lasted nearly 3 weeks... I would recommend to everyone... having your nails done by Louise and using these products." One of the nails is a false one, can you tell which one?

I only use Temple Spa Nail Treats for polishing nails, they are high gloss colours with a durable lasting finish, rich in vitamin E and calcium. Not only do they make your nails look good but they also provide a water repellent coat whilst allowing the nails to breathe and they are formaldehyde free! As well as the standard 14 colours I also have all their current limited editions or seasonal colours.

So much choice!

Manicure or Pedicure – Either with or without polish, includes cutting, filing, cuticle work and mini massage. Your Pedicure includes a foot soak and reducing hard skin.

Spa Manicure or Pedicure – As well as the above, total Temple Spa indulgence of exfoliation, intensive skin nourish wrap and a nail brightening treatment if your nails are discoloured. Rejuvenation for hands or feet!

IBD Just Gel Polish

IBD Just Gel Polish Not a hybrid gel polish like Shellac, this strong 100% pure gel formula wears like a classic true gel and protects the natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear. Applied like polish and cured under a UV lamp between coats giving a high gloss, chip resistant finish and lasts for up to 2 weeks. Must be removed by soaking off for 10 minutes.

I chose Just Gel Polish after hours of research on the internet, they have a huge range of colours available and I stock 15 at the moment.
French – Whipped Cream (white), Seashell Pink
Pinks – North Wind (pale pearlised), Gerber Daisy (hot pink), All Hearts (hot pearlised pink)
Reds – Bing Cherries (true red), Brandy Wine (pearlised dark red)
Darks – Black Lava (true black), Plum Raven (dark purple)
Fun – Jupiter Blue (marine), Infinitely Curious (bright orange)
Subtle – Smokey Plum
Glitter – Silver Lites, All That Glitters (gold), Polar Sky (translucent grey with silver glitter)

North Wind French with glitter detail French with glitter tip and dot detail Polar Sky Jupiter Blue with Polar Sky

Nail Art Following A Spa Manicure As well as traditional painting, I offer nail art, glitter effect gel manicures and Rockstar nails. Due to it's quick drying with curing, you don't have to wait hours for it to dry and as soon as the tacky residue is cleansed you are good to go about your day! It's also much more versatile than regular polish for artistic designs if you fancy something a little different.

On the right you can see various designs of nail art, all were created using my first 6 colours from my IBD Just Gel Polish Starter Kit with the addition of pink, silver and gold glitters. Since then I have gradually been building up my collection of colours as clients have requested, many are similar to my Temple Spa Nail Treat colours too.

Beauty Basics

Of course, I offer top-to-toe waxing and threading. My new roller wax system is perfect for a more efficient, cleaner waxing experience, I use a tea tree cream wax that is perfect for sensitive skin. The cartridges heat up in 15 minutes and we are ready to roll, my clients have been impressed by the difference of this system.

It's All About The Eyes!

Semi Permanent Lashes Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up and not have to put your mascara on? Semi permanent individual lashes attached to each one of your own to give volume and length in the most natural way. They last for up to 2 months with regular in-fill treatments every 2 to 3 weeks, if you already have great natural lashes and would just like to emphasise your eyes at the outer corners to give a little more length and a lift, these would be perfect for you too! Allow 2 hours for the first time application as we will also need to do a full consultation before hand, in-fill treatments will only take about 1 hour. These are tailor made to suit your own lashes, giving you an extra 50% length, they come in various thickness too so if you have fine lashes we can use ones to suit so that they won't weigh down your natural lash.

Express Lashes will last between 1 and 2 weeks, it doesn't take as long to do the treatment and must be removed by a professional. Great for that special occasion when you don't quite have the time for the semi permanent lashes. You can also go bolder with express lashes, slightly thicker and a little longer as they are often adhered to more than one lash so that they feel secure, we can also use the cluster lashes to give even more volume for maximum effect.

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